What some of our customers are saying…

An Eye Opener

“The Fuelex fuel saving device has been an eye opener to me. I put it on my car about a year ago now and as a result I am getting more miles to a full tank of diesel fuel than I ever have - on average there has been a 12% increase in miles per gallon!!! Putting that in real terms it has basically saved me a fortune over the course of the year as I use my car for work and it has paid for itself over and over again!

As a result I fitted a unit to my Oil Fired central heating system – and although the savings are not as measurable, I know that if it works on the car then it must be reducing the fuel consumption of my oil burner. I am definitely a believer in this great little fuel saving device and I have recommended it to all my friends, family and colleagues.”
Keith P.

Two or Three Weeks Free Heating

“I have been using the Fuelex fuel saving device on my Oil Fired Domestic Central Heating Boiler for nearly two years and I have proved without doubt over this period that I am getting an extra two or three weeks free heating from each full tank of fuel. This device not only saves fuel but by lowering harmful emissions should also help to reduce the effects of global warming. It’s a brilliant invention”.
Ray W.

Continues to save money

"I admit that was very sceptical at first, but when I installed the Fuelex Unit in my diesel car I was pleasantly surprised by the immediate increased MPG with no decrease in engine performance. The Fuelex Unit is so easy to install and very cost effective paying for itself in a very short period of time and continues to save me money every time I visit a fuel station".
Andrew B.

Reduced Gas Heating Bill

“The Fuelex fuel saver has slowly reduced the total amount I pay on my gas heating bill every month. I have a meter which shows exactly how much gas is used over the month. The savings have gradually built up. It only took about 2 minutes to install and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to reduce their monthly heating bill and at the same time save the environment from harmful emissions.”
William R.

Shows a Definite Saving

“I installed the device very easily with the 2 cable ties, you don’t have to be a mechanic. It took a short while before I noticed better performance from the engine (approx 2 full tanks). The trip computer on my Peugeot 307 shows a definite saving on every tank of petrol. The improvement in fuel economy was not instantaneous, but after a few weeks I definitely did begin to notice the difference and now I wish that I had discovered this little device years ago!”.
John C.

Home Heating Fuel Saver

“At first, I must admit that I was very sceptical, however I have used the Fuelex on my Gas powered central heating burner for approx 7mths now and I have noticed the amount of gas that I am using steadily decrease. It’s so simple to fit and although I don’t understand how it does it, but it works!”
Mr Martin

Nice Device

Name:- Adnan Ahmed… Occupation:- Office work Model:- Toyota Corolla 2000… Engine:- Petrol Result:- “I have installed the FuelEX in my car and after installation I have found better acceleration”. Observations:- “FuelEX Nice device”.

Very Satisfied

Name:- Muzamil Waheed… Occupation:- Factory work Model:- Suzuki Van 2001… Engine Type:- Petrol Result:- “I have installed the FuelEX in my Van and after installation I have found good pick up, engine sound is less & driving is smooth”. Observations:- “I m very satisfied with FuelEX working”

Profitable Device

Name:- Anwar Hussain… Occupation:- Pizza Delivery Model:- Suzuki Mehran 1999… Engine Type:- CNGas Result:- “I have installed the FuelEX in my car and after installation I have found more mileage up to 15%”. Observations:- “FuelEX Profitable device”.

Saving 8%

Name:- Eman Fatima… Occupation:- Student Model:- Nissan Ceadric 2003… Engine Type:- Diesel Result:- “I have installed the FuelEX in my car and after installation I have found good pick up & good saving. And I am very happy with FuelEX results”. Observations:- “Saving 8%. Daily & I will complete my Technical education fee by saving of fuel”.

My Best Friend

Name:- Zulfiqar Khan… Occupation:- Taxi Driver Model:- Mitsubishi 1996… Engine Type:- CNGas Result:- “I have installed the FuelEX in my Taxi. Daily running about 300 to 400 kilometers. I don’t know how to works the FuelEX & I don’t know about mechanism of FuelEX. Simply I’m saving daily 100Rs fuel”. Observations:- “I will purchase the other good taxi with saving of FuelEX. FuelEX is my best friend”.

Good Helper

Name:- Shazia Zam Zam… Occupation:- Home Wife Model:- DhatSun 120Y 1980… Engine Type:- CNGas Result:- “I have installed the FuelEX in my car, daily I doing pick & drop from school & shopping of kitchen items. I have found Rs.100/- saving. Saving amount will help me for new house purchasing”. Observations:- “FuelEX is good helper”

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Order Fuelex now to save fuel today