The FuelEX is a compact unit that is very simple to install:

  • Check the engine CC of your vehicle first. Engines over 2000cc will require TWO OR MORE FuelEX 1 devices fitted in series to gain optimum efficiency.

  • Locate the fuel inlet pipe coming from the fuel tank. DO NOT GET THIS CONFUSED WITH THE FUEL RETURN PIPE, which is usually smaller and connects to a top-hat shaped fuel pressure relief valve. Place the FuelEX 1 on the fuel line after the fuel filter if possible, just ahead of the fuel pump, carburettor or injector rail. Keep the unit at least 10cm away from any electronic sensors. The unit is then simply attached with the cable ties provided.

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Internal Combustion Engines… FuelEX 1

Locate the fuel supply line between the fuel filter and the injector Pump, Carburettor or Injector Rail.

Fit the FuelEX 1 as close as possible to the engine but keep it at least 10 cm away from any built in electronic sensors!

Use the Nylon Cable Ties supplied to secure the unit firmly to the fuel line.

When fitting more than one unit always alternate them on opposite sides of the fuel line and allow a 50mm space between them!

petrol fuelex diagram

Petrol Fuelex Diagram

diesel fuelex diagram

Diesel Fuelex Diagram

Allow for the stabilisation period:

  • The FuelEX unit requires a stabilisation period. This is because the unit aids the breakdown of accumulated internal carbon deposits, which may temporarily affect the combustion process until the cleaning is complete.
  • In some cases this is very short, but you should usually allow 1,500Km (four To six weeks) for engine cleaning to be completed.
  • It is also a good idea to replace the air and oil filters at the end of this period. As lot of deposits cleaned from the engine surface (by the FuelEX) will be removed by doing this. You should also have one of your regular tune-ups too.

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Central Heating…FuelEX 2

Two FuelEX 2 units are fitted as shown to the fuel line of all Domestic Central Heating Burners!

The FuelEX 2 is used on diesel, paraffin and gas (including L.P.G.) central heating boilers and appliances, giving the same benefits as with vehicles. Appliances fitted with the FuelEX 2 also benefit from LOWER SOOT LEVELS. This will also reduce maintenance costs.

Using the FuelEX 2 in this way can provide more heat from a given amount of fuel, allowing the energy requirements and harmful emissions of the appliance to be reduced.

  • Your boiler can use up to 15% less fuel
  • Your maintenance costs are reduced
  • Your boiler’s BTU rating is increased
  • Radiators heat up faster from cold
  • Burner flames are cleaner and hotter
  • Harmful flue emissions are reduced
Order Fuelex now to save fuel today
Order Fuelex now to save fuel today
Fuelex save fuel maximum savings
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Fuelex save fuel
Fuelex save fuel
Order Fuelex now to save fuel today
Order Fuelex now to save fuel today