Fuelex save fuel

Fuel Saving TIP #1 ....

Fuel Saving Magnets
Petrol, Diesel, Paraffin or Gas

  • FuelEX Magnets can pay for themselves over and over again
  • Easily fitted to most vehicles and home heating burners
  • Requiring no modifications to fuel lines
  • Can be transferred quickly between vehicles

"Continues to save money"

"I admit that was very sceptical at first, but when I installed the Fuelex Unit in my diesel car I was pleasantly surprised by the immediate increased MPG with no decrease in engine performance. The Fuelex Unit is so easy to install and very cost effective paying for itself in a very short period of time and continues to save me money every time I visit a fuel station" Andrew B.

At your Service

Fuel Saving Tip #2 ....

Don't make false savings by missing regular servicing appointments!

The Air that you Breathe

Fuel Saving Tip #3 ....

A dirty air filter restricts the flow of air into the engine and wastes fuel.

The Big Bang

Fuel Saving Tip #4 ....

Have your spark plugs, ignition leads, injectors and timing checked for maximum performance! If the engine is running well, the wheel bearings are running freely, the brakes aren't binding, the timing isn't "off", you will get the most out of your fuel.

Right on Track

Fuel Saving Tip #5 ....

Get the tracking checked and the wheels balanced when you fit new tyres minimising road resistance and save fuel.

Rising Inflation

Fuel Saving Tip #6 ....

Under inflated tyres increase road resistance and wastes fuel. 50% of tyres are under inflated! Under inflation by 20% can increase fuel consumption by 3% and reduce tyre life by 30%.

Loose Weight

Fuel Saving Tip #7 ....

Don’t carry unnecessary items. Every 50kg extra weight can increase fuel consumption by 2%! Cars are not travelling storerooms. Keeping your golf clubs etc in your garage will save fuel.

Rack Off

Fuel Saving Tip #8 ....

Have you a roof rack fitted? - It's increasing drag and wasting fuel.

Cool Cat

Fuel Saving Tip #9 ....

Air-con is a great invention! Air-con increases fuel consumption. When its warm put the fan on cool instead of having the air con on, or have the window down slightly. If this fails then use the air-con in short bursts. If travelling at over 40mph and it’s still too hot then have the air-con on instead of putting the windows down!


Fuel Saving Tip #10 ....

Drive smoothly. "Traffic light drag racers" always want to be the first away! Accelerate gently, with a feather touch on the throttle - don't stamp on it. Use gentle movements. When overtaking don’t floor the pedal. Never tailgate and then accelerate hard to overtake! Keep your speed steady! Using cruise control on the highway maintains a constant speed, and will save fuel.

Up, Up And Away

Fuel Saving Tip #11 ....

Change up through the gears as soon as possible. High revs waste fuel.


Fuel Saving Tip #12 ....

When starting don’t "blip" the throttle. In cold weather don't wait for the engine to warm up, drive off immediately! Never rev the engine before switching it off.

Coast To Coast

Fuel Saving Tip #13 ....

Don't Coast In Neutral! Modern cars shut off fuel to the engine when coasting in gear! In neutral the engine will still use a tiny amount of petrol to stop it from stalling. Coast up to the lights in gear.

No Braking

Fuel Saving Tip #14 ....

Building up speed converts fuel into kinetic energy. Braking wastes that fuel. Only brake when necessary! Look ahead and anticipate what's going to happen so that braking isn't required.

No Waiting

Fuel Saving Tip #15 ....

Avoid having to stop. If approaching a red light, see if you can slow down enough to avoid stopping.

No Brainer

Fuel Saving Tip #16 ....

A car at rest with the engine idling = ZERO MPG!

No Car

Fuel Saving Tip #17 ....

“Leave the car at home” Need a newspaper … Jump in the car Post a letter … Jump in the car Go to see Bob … Jump in the car 25% of all car journeys are less than two miles Walk, cycle, take a bus or train!

We Can Work it Out

Fuel Saving Tip #18 ....

Combine trips with others in the same direction. Pick up the newspaper, your child from school etc on the way to the bank. Shop at the supermarket on the way home from work. Fill up with fuel on the way to the dentist. Get a lift to work. Car share.

Cash Bonus

Fuel Saving Tip #19 ....

Shopping around for best fuel prices can save a lot of money. The difference in prices can be more than you think.

Hot Hot Hot

Fuel Saving Tip #20 ....

Lower Your Heating Costs!

Fuelex save fuel

"Reduced Gas Heating Bill"

“The Fuelex fuel saver has slowly reduced the total amount I pay on my gas heating bill every month. I have a meter which shows exactly how much gas is used over the month. The savings have gradually built up over the weeks. It only took about 5 minutes to install and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to reduce their monthly heating bill and at the same time save the environment from harmful emissions.” William R.

Order Fuelex now to save fuel today
Order Fuelex now to save fuel today
Fuelex save fuel maximum savings
Fuelex save fuel maximum savings
Fuelex save fuel
Fuelex save fuel
Fuelex save fuel
Fuelex save fuel
Fuelex save fuel
Fuelex save fuel
15% more miles per tank of fuel
Order Fuelex now to save fuel today
Order Fuelex now to save fuel today